Astigmatism Correction Los Angeles 

 August 9, 2017

By  rajeshkhannamd

Here is our this weeks Astigmatism Correction in  Los Angeles questions.

  • Is it common to get Astigmatism pain behind eye?Yes it is quite open to get pain behind the eye. Astigmatism leads to constant interaction of brain and eye muscles to improve vision. This is a futile process and the nerves get sensitized. The nerves supplying the eye also supply the back of eye. Therefore it is common to get referred pain to back of eye. Sometimes it may even cause headache.
  • What is simple myopic astigmatism? A single image should form on the retina. In astigmatism the image is a blur. When the entire blurred image is in front of the eye it is termed simple myopic astigmatism.
  • Have you heard of astigmatism in babies? Babies can have congenital astigmatism.
  • I was told by my optometrist I have astigmatism in one eye only.  Can it be true? Yes sometimes only one eye has astigmatism.
  • Can you cure astigmatism? Yes we can cure astigmatism using idesign wavescan studio.
  • Tell more about Astigmatism Correction Los Angeles. It is available in our Westlake Village and Beverly Hills laser suites.
  • What is the eye condition astigmatism? Astigmatism causes two points of focus instead of a single one.
  • Is  irregular astigmatism correction possible in 2017? Yes by employing topography guided laser or idesign system. Hard contact lenses or scleral lenses may be helpful. DALK procedure may finally be required.
  • What is double vision astigmatism? When a person sees a second image which is faded.
  • What are the effects of astigmatism. Please read about astigmatism here
  • Is astigmatism more frequent in diabetes. No that is not true.
  • Is there treatment for astigmatism shape of eye. Yes
    • Please explain compound astigmatism When the blurred image is partially in front and behind the retina
  • Are there degrees of astigmatism? Low, moderate and extreme
  • Is Astigmatism Correction in  Los Angeles available . Yes my friend it is.


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