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Lasik Cure Astigmatism

Can Lasik cure Astigmatism? That is a common question posed to us in various forums.The other variations of this question we have been asked are can eye surgery fix astigmatism or can lasik eye surgery fix astigmatism?

The answer is yes iDesign lasik eye correction is the best treatment for astigmatism. It can eliminate astigmatism.

There are other forms of Astigmatism surgery. These include Astigmatic Keratotomy, Limbal relaxing incisions and Toric lens.  Lasik surgery for astigmatism is the best amongst them. It is the most precise and accurate till date. Lasik surgery astigmatism has helped improve thousands of eyes.

Astigmatism operation with iDesign laser is not painful.

Hope this little blurb will help answer the question – can laser eye surgery correct astigmatism? or like Wendy posed in a facebook post  – if i have astigmatism can i get lasik? We answered not only you can but you should.

Lasik Cure Astigmatism Take home peals
can lasik correct astigmatism _ yes
can lasik fix astigmatism – yes it does

Cure lasik with astigmatism – it is achievable

does lasik help astigmatism – no it does not help astigmatism it helps you by eliminating astigmatism. 🙂

We will leave these topics for another day.

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