Lasik Surgery : An Introduction 

 November 24, 2019

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Lasik Surgery
Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgical treatment, the past, present as well as future of eye surgical treatment!

What is Lasik surgery?

LASIK means: Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. Laser is a cutting-edge innovation made to generate considerable amounts of energy right into a solitary dot. This enables really accurate cutting of the cornea that enables modifying it through the cut to improve your refractive error.

Khanna Institute Of Lasik
Khanna Institute Of Lasik

Why would you need LASIK surgery?

When Light shows on an item, it travels through the cornea, gets focused right into the lens then falls on the retina. If the light bends inaccurately on the cornea and also falls in front of the retina or behind it or inconsistently, you will not be able to see clearly!

Fast and easy laser eye surgery with Dr.Rajesh Khanna of Khanna Vision Institute

Typically, spectacles were enough to correct the refractive mistake but it had lots of drawbacks and now with LASIK surgery you can live your life without eyeglasses and have a 20/20 vision!

Lasik eye surgical treatment can remedy refractive errors yet what are the refractive mistakes?
If you can see near items plainly while you can’t see remote things plainly, then this indicates you have near sightedness where light drops in front of the retina, not directly on it since the cornea is as well rounded or the eye world is as well huge.

If you can see far objects perfectly but can’t see near things clearly, this indicates you have farsightedness where the light falls at the back of the retina due to the fact that either the cornea is too flat or the eye world is small.

If you cannot see items plainly at any kind of distance, then this means you have astigmatism, where your cornea is bent or flattened irregularly.

What are the steps for Lasik surgical treatment?

Normally when you are diagnosed with any refractive error, your doctor initially describes eyeglasses or contact lenses for at the very least 6 months.

If your error is steady and has actually not weakened within those 6 months as well as you are a healthy candidate for LASIK surgical procedure, your physician will certainly arrange an appointment for you as quickly as you desire.

But exactly how will you be diagnosed suitable for surgical procedure?

First your physician will run a few assessments to ensure your overall basic health and wellness, including your blood sugar, high blood pressure and more.

Then he/she will execute couple of ophthalmological examinations like: 

  • Visual acuity examinations
  • Corneal topography
  • Intraocular stress

The medical professional will load you in on all actions of the surgical treatment, its advantages, recuperation at home window and exactly how to stay clear of issues and also side effects.

He/ she will also advise you to quit utilizing contact lenses for a minimum of a week prior to surgical treatment, and also stop taking any type of blood thinners.

On the day of LASIK surgical treatment:

  • Let one of your family members take you to the hospital/centre or let a person assist you with your ride home.
  • Do not wear your lenses or eye makeup.
  • Have a sunglass on your hands if you are leaving when the sunlight is still up.
  • You will certainly relax on a recliner chair, and your anaesthesiologist will place some drops of anaesthesia in your eyes so you will not really feel any kind of pain throughout the procedure.
  • In surgery, your eye surgeon produces a thin shallow flap with a microkeratome after that, making use of an Excimer laser he/she reshapes the cornea according to the topographic evaluation made previously. This reshaping enables the cornea to look regular once more, which allows the light fall directly on the retina. 

After LASIK surgical procedure:

  • You might feel that your eyes are dry as well as scratchy. Maybe they also may look redder and also waterier.
  • Likewise, you might feel some discomfort, which can you conveniently ease with select pain-killers. 
  • And avoid scrubbing your eyes at all costs.
  • Your sight does not improve right away, it may take 2-3 months till your cornea heals entirely.
  • Following up with your medical professional is obligatory to avoid complications and side effects.
  • Magrabi’s recommendations:
    Lasik surgical treatment is a really ingenious surgical treatment, allowing you to get rid of glasses as well as contacts for life! It is a bladeless surgery that takes less than half an hour. It has lots of advantages and helps you see plainly without the help of eyeglasses or contacts! Consult your physician if you need to know if you are fit for this surgical treatment.


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