Top Tips of Cornea Keratoconus Treatment Options 

 January 16, 2018

By  rajeshkhannamd

Cornea Keratoconus Treatment Options

Your treatment might vary based on the seriousness of your keratoconus. There is a danger of infection just like with any operation. In some instances, where the keratoconus disease is rapidly progressing and waiting isn’t recommended, we’ll refer you to an Epi-ON clinical trial site in order to consider immediate therapy.

Dr. Inna Ozerov utilizes the most innovative diagnostic equipment readily available to accurately diagnose keratoconus, determine the intensity of the disease and produce an effective treatment plan for each patient. Gene therapy, which isn’t yet available, may ultimately be the sole treatment that could cure this disease. Since patients with keratoconus have an increased incidence of allergies and atopy, eye rubbing could be an answer to the allergy, which subsequently may lead to the evolution of keratoconus.

In such cases corneal transplantation might be an alternative. Beyond a certain stage however, if it is too thin, it could be unsafe to perform the procedure. Corneal transplants are employed in more severe scenarios.

A History of Cornea Keratoconus Treatment Options Refuted

Today there are a large array of treatment alternatives for the keratoconic patient. In fact, lots of doctors still do the procedure this way. Due to this, it’s always important to go over all your options with your physician.

There aren’t any preventative measures for keratoconus, but should you develop it, there are a number of treatment choices available. While for more advanced situations, the treatment options are usually surgical in nature. There are many treatment alternatives available now for anyone with Keratoconus.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cornea Keratoconus Treatment Options

There are a number of LASIK alternatives which can help you reach your dreams of clear, crisp vision. Ultimately, since the condition progresses, it can be necessary for our doctors to do corneal transplant surgery utilizing the most recent techniques. It can also cause additional surgery.

There are several different procedures of vision improvement. While optical and ultrasonic pachymetry are simply two unique methods of carrying out the very same procedure, it is necessary to be aware of the simple difference between both. As a result, it becomes distorted and blurred.

Now it may slow down or quit developing. The main purpose is to stabilize your corneas, to prevent them from getting worse. As they say, It is far better to receive it done right the very first moment.

Life After Cornea Keratoconus Treatment Options

In earlier times a corneal transplant would be the only alternative for vision correction for people that have keratoconus that has progressed enough deteriorate vision and earn contact lenses and glasses an intolerable alternative. Some folks may also find contact lenses are somewhat more comfortable and keep in better after having hydrops. You might need to wear special contact lenses or utilize exclusive eye drops if you’ve got corneal hydrops.

Having keratoconus can make it even more likely that you create dry eye. Choosing Intacs could possibly be the very best decision you’ve ever made for your eyes. Hard lenses might feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but a lot of folks adjust to wearing them and they’re able to offer excellent vision.

To deal with visual distortion made by keratoconus, rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses are often utilized in treatment. They can happen quickly or may occur over several years. Specialty design keratoconic lenses are available and could be a more comfortable option based on the seriousness of the status.

Type of Cornea Keratoconus Treatment Options

RGP lenses are made from strong, breathable plastic. Smaller diameter scleral lenses are simpler to handle and might be used whenever there is not as much corneal ectasia.

Vision may start to deteriorate as the irregular corneal shape leads to astigmatism that progressively worsens on account of the corneal bulging. Good fitting of the lens is essential to stop or minimize scarring.

It has been demonstrated to strengthen the cornea. For this reason it must be transparent. Your cornea is likewise very strong.

The Downside Risk of Cornea Keratoconus Treatment Options

Several new treatments are utilized in the past couple of decades. About half of keratoconus patients don’t have any real issues with their lifestyle besides corrective lenses. Some patients may still must wear glasses for certain pursuits.

The Dirty Facts on Cornea Keratoconus Treatment Options

It is the first coat of eye which is transparent circular structure. The cornea is the clear, front portion of the eye, an extremely crucial part which has a lot to do with how you truly see. It is a clear organ that lies in the central portion of the surface of the eye.

Dry eye is just one of the most typical conditions affecting the cornea, but does not call for surgery. You will be viewed soon after the procedure to take out the contact lens and you’ll remain on eye drops for a couple weeks. In addition, it can help focus light in your eye.

The Basics of Cornea Keratoconus Treatment Options

More than 200,000 patient eyes are treated with the system outside the USA prior to FDA approval, as stated by the corporation. Lots of people wonder about the danger of a cornea transplant failure. Most people who develop keratoconus is going to have bilateral occurence.


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